The Life of a Wild Flower

In her eyes lived a mother’s hope and a father’s dream
But the howls in the night lugged her into the realm of the senses-
Caged in moral darkness and surrounded by lustful fences,
She became a bride’s nightmare and a man’s alluring dream!

Over the turbulent seas of contumacious thoughts
The winds coerced her sail into the wild wild mind-
Unmindful of man’s ever widening moral droughts
And the cries and whispers of her puerile dormant mind.

Evenings past, the people can no longer bear her sight
For in her presence, they seek for despair
And on discovering they have wronged her beyond repair
They insidiously inquire on her living right!

Come the evening and the garden must be tidied,
The vociferous sounds of the passionate bees ringing clearly,
The flower is put down to rest for eternity dearly
And cry comes from afar, ‘may a new flower be readied’!

– originally written on 13th December, 2012. The poem takes inspiration from the character of a prostitute Simran/Rosy played by Kareena Kapoor in Reema Kagti’s Talaash

Author: Kavir Nair

A bespectacled lad from the filter coffee preferring south Indian coastal city of Chennai. The Japanese coined a word just for me - Tsundoku, which means the act of buying a book and leaving it unread, often piled together with other unread books. Although I must add, having an unread library is the way I could truly honour the late Umberto Eco. When not watching movies in theaters or beach walking on Marina, you can find me at home reading a book or writing a journal or Netflixing. While I do all this as Ravi Kiran, my alter ego - Kavir Nair needs an exclusive space to write. Hence, he has chosen this abode.

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