Miss the Sparrow’s Kiss

Every day in my life, I

Wake up to the cries and whispers of the mo(u)rning crow

Listening to the deafening waves of emotions high,

Plaguing the spotless mind with sorrow.

Living under the gloomy sun covered with clouds of sigh;

Sharing my dreams of tomorrow

With wizards and witches, in real never so nigh.

Oh me! Oh my! Where in this maddening crowd am I?


Losing my way into the tenebrous woods

With no light to even guide me by.

Time, why have you robbed me off my fragrant moods?

Are you blind to see my flowing tears gone dry?


Sparrow, My beloved! come to me, fly me away

Over the turbulent seas of fading memories to my home long lost!

*this sonnet was originally penned on 22nd January, 2012

Author: Kavir Nair

A bespectacled lad from the filter coffee preferring south Indian coastal city of Chennai. The Japanese coined a word just for me - Tsundoku, which means the act of buying a book and leaving it unread, often piled together with other unread books. Although I must add, having an unread library is the way I could truly honour the late Umberto Eco. When not watching movies in theaters or beach walking on Marina, you can find me at home reading a book or writing a journal or Netflixing. While I do all this as Ravi Kiran, my alter ego - Kavir Nair needs an exclusive space to write. Hence, he has chosen this abode.

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